Pullip Dango *private sale*

Pullip Dango *private sale*

Hi everyone! ^_^

This is little Dango, a private sale for Ineke ♥

- You can send your own MIO kit for the private sale and get a discount.
- 3 month layaway accepted (only for private sales).
*For more info about private sales you can email me: poisongirlfaceups@gmail.com

Pullip Rei

Pullip Rei

Hi everyone! :D

Little Rei will be looking for a home in the Shop next ThursdayJune 21st2018 at 19:00 spanish timezone (GMT+1) (+ info in the Newsletter).
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- Because of what happened (see previous post) I may be forced to ask for information to ensure the accuracy of the identity of the buyer (if unknown). Thank you for your understanding.

- The doll will be available on a "purchase request" basis. This purchase method is explained in the third section of the "Help" section: www.poisongirldolls.com/en/contact

IMPORTANT!! Remember that you must refresh the page at the time of the sale so that the "purchase request" button appears!

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The text is now in french too.

Hi everyone,

First of all I'm sorry for bad english and the lenght of this message.

I'm a person who avoids problems and who firmly believes in solving them privately. I hate to have to write this message today because it goes against everything I believe, I tried to solve it privately several times and nothing worked. I find myself in a dead end.

I will begin with the end of the story, saying that Florence Delaby (or Florence Dolly on Facebook, although her real name is different) has asked me for several private sales on the the last few months. The last one she asked me for was on May 28, 2018, a doll I am currently working on. 
On June 04th, 2018 she wrote me a message in which she simply tells me that she no longer wants the doll and want a refund inmediately. I explained to her that one of the conditions of private sales (she accepted these conditions, I always explained them before) is that payments are non-refundable, and that I'm currently working on the doll she ordered... She simply replied saying that if I don't refund the money she will open a Paypal claim.
She suddenly decided that she no longer wants the doll and threaten me. I want to warn others that she's not a reliable person so please, be very careful!

But as I said, that's just the end of the story.... let's start from the beginning:

Lucie Heit is a French girl who started buying all the dolls on auction in my shop at the end of 2016. After receiving a lot of complaints from other people saying that she was the only one winning all of them and leaving no opportunity for anyone else, I decided to eliminate the bidding system and leave only buy it now dolls. She kept trying to get absolutely all the dolls I was selling at buy it now. 
A few weeks later someone told me that she was selling all the dolls. I was very surprised because she said she was very happy with them and I decided to ask her directly. She replied that she had a finantial problem and she had to sell them but at the same time she kept buying dolls in my shop which surprised me because as she had told me, the reason for selling the others was economic.

All the dolls she got were on sale a few days later, and she even sold dolls that she hadn't yet received. People kept contacting me to let me know that she was selling them over and over again. I asked her again if this was true and she denied it saying that the sale ad was fake and she wasn't selling them.....the ad was deleted a few minutes later, obviously she was the one selling them.

 Soon after, I started to accept private sales and as she wasn't able to get all the dolls for adoption in my web she began 
to order private sales. After ordering several private sales I started to give her discounts, but it was never enough because she always asked for more and more discounts. Needless to say, she sold each and every one of the dolls she ordered for private sale as well.

 This situation has lasted for over a year and a half, repeating the same pattern. She gets the doll (with as much discount as she can) and immediately puts her up for sale. At the same time she tries to get EVERY SINGLE ONE of the dolls that I put for adoption on the web. I am not exaggerating, every single one.
I want to clarify that I am not against second hand market or reselling dolls. If you can sell a doll for a higher price you paid, that's fine. But she was only buying them for that purpose.

In 2017 she got, between the dolls she bought in the store and private sales, almost 20 dolls which is half the dolls I made that year. She doesn't have any of them in her possesion anymore.

In October 2017 I decided to talk to her and explain her the very difficult situation she was putting me in.... Because she was buying and selling all the dolls, other people couldn't get any and were getting tired of trying. I started to lose customers. I explained that from now on I had to give priority to other people. I told her that because of her behavior from that moment on, she could not get more dolls in the store (buy it now), only by private sale and at the same price as the rest, without discounts. She said she agreed....

A few days later I received a message from a person telling me that her daughter was seriously ill and her dream was to have a doll of mine. She offered me X money for selling a doll to her, directly (I don't have to say that the money she offered was much less than the price of a private sale).
As I am tired of receiving this kind of messages I answered that I was very sorry but that I receive messages of this kind every week and I wasn't going to make any exceptions. 
This person created an account in my store and got the doll Rio on November 07, 2017. After she got Rio, she tried to get another doll four days later.... at the same time that Lucie had suddenly stopped trying to get them.
What was my surprise when I found out that this person was Lucie with another account she created to continue with her game of buying all of my dolls and resell them.

At the same time, Lucie began to ask me about a last private sale she had ordered days before all this happened. When she didn't get an answer in a couple of hours, she decided to threaten to tell people that she had asked me to make her a private sale and that I wasn't answering her. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.... I told her that I knew everything, that she created another account and got Rio behind my back after I had banned her from my website after everything she had done. 
She actually admitted that Rio was for her, told me to make her the doll she had ordered and that she would leave me alone. 
In this exchange of messages she also said that it was not illegal to resell dolls and that she did nothing wrong, that she was simply an "original collector" (a collector without dolls?) who did things differently from everyone else and that everyone who do things differently is always criticized. I responded by returning the money for the doll she had ordered by private sale and asking her to please leave me alone. 
Unfortunately she wouldn't take no for an answer and kept insisting after that, I told her one last time to leave me alone.

From that moment on (the end of 2017) Lucie started to create multiple accounts on my website with different names and addresses to continue with her game. I know by people I trust she has asked other people to buy the dolls on my website for her... and as you may have guessed, Florence (from the beginning of the story) is Lucie Heit.

I just want this person to leave me alone, I asked her to go our separate ways and to treat us with respect from now on but she is not willing to give up and now after what she did with the private sale... I don't know what else I can do, honestly I'm desperate and very distressed...

I have been forced to write this message because after over 1 year and a half of being in this situation and being forced to change the way I sell my dolls twice because of her, I can't think of any other solution.... I don't think this will be a solution either but now at least you know and I really hope you don't help her continue with this.

Pullip Chihiro *private sale*

Pullip Chihiro *private sale*

Hi everyone! ^_^

This is little Chihiro, a private sale for Florence ♥

- You can send your own MIO kit for the private sale and get a discount.
- 3 month layaway accepted (only for private sales).
*For more info about private sales you can email me: poisongirlfaceups@gmail.com