Private sales info

Private sales info

Good morning!

It took me a long time to update the website with the information on private sales but... here it is at last! in Spanish, English and French.
You can always see it in the first section of the "Help" section.

If you have any doubt or want to order a private sale please contact me through my email:

Private sales info (October 2020):

Private sale allows you to order the doll as you wish.
You can choose skin color: (mocha, tan, natural and fair), hair color and style, eye color and makeup style.
It is recommended that you put examples of dolls that you like (you can see almost all the dolls I have made here:

I reserve the right to refuse private sales that are too specific/restrictive.
The time may vary depending on the amount of work I have at the time. When ordering I can give an approximation depending on the waiting list.
The payment might be asked as a gift. Payments are not refundable. Please make sure your Paypal address is correct.


Because of the current pandemic situation things can change from one day to the next. Keep in mind that borders may be closed again.

By asking for a private sale you are understanding the situation and accepting these conditions.

Price: 540€ + shipping (+10€ to Spain, +15,70€ to EU, rest of the countries please ask).
Includes: Doll, hair, eyes, outfit and full customization.

(-110€ if you send your own brand new mio kit)
(-30€ if you order the doll without outfit)

Layaway details:
- 2 months layaway: First half at the time of the purchase. The second half of the payment will be made within the next 30 days. The doll will be sent once the payments are complete.

Pullip Yue

Pullip Yue


Hi everyone! ^_^

This is little Yue for Océane ♥

- Feel free to contact me without obligation if you want to know more about private sales: